Free consultation call

15 minutes

Let’s get to know each other and discuss how a personalized plan, utilizing any of the services below, will fit your needs. Together, we can get you squared away!

Virtual Assessment

1 hour 

This is the beginning step of your organization journey. Through Zoom, we will discuss and take a look at how you currently manage all your paper. Together, we will determine how best to get you on track toward developing an organized system.  Improvements in productivity come with implementing weekly paper organization habits.

Paper Organization Coaching Plans

1 hour 30 minute sessions
Plans and prices ranging from 2 to 6 months  

Through one-on-one coaching we will get your paper organization system set up and working for you. I believe every client is unique and having a personalized plan will ensure success. By working in the comfort of your own home, we will develop goals together so that you are encouraged and supported along the way. Reaching out when you are stuck is included in all of these plans. Questions will come up and being reassured is sometimes all you need to keep the momentum going.

The Sunday Basket® is a system I recommend for processing mail, kitchen counter “to–do” papers, and ongoing household projects. The weekly routine of collecting, processing, and maintaining household to–do’s and papers is the perfect training ground for all your future home organization skills. And, like it or not, the mail just keeps on coming…giving us plenty of practice to hone and refine our organizing skills. The Sunday Basket® can be as simple as the place you drop your unopened mail to complex enough to run every aspect of your household. The Sunday Basket® will make you ready to create a lasting system for the paperwork and to-do’s that clutter your kitchen countertops and your mind! The complete system, purchased separately from your coaching plan, includes the box in a color of your choice, one set of rainbow colored slash pockets and one set of monochromatic slash pockets. The slash pockets are what keep your papers organized by purpose. You will be amazed at how much extra time and energy you gain!

Additional uses for the Sunday Basket® include:

  • Moving
  • Designing a home
  • Remodeling
  • Starting a business
  • Finding a job
  • Being a caregiver
  • Settling an estate
  • Kids moving out
  • College prep

Senior Transitions Assistance

Duration varies
Price varies

Guidance and support for seniors and their families who are faced with a move and need to downsize is a much needed, hard to find service. Many seniors do not have family nearby to rely on for help. I specialize in providing compassionate support for everything from purging accumulated paperwork to how to find resources to help with the many decisions that come with a move or declining health.  I also provide help with setting up an easy filing and paper organization system to match your current living situation. Personal shopping assistance is also available for seniors who find it difficult to shop on their own or make decisions that are practical and fit within their budget. If you find yourself or a loved one in this situation, start with booking a free consultation call to discuss how we can work together.

Or, when the death of a loved one occurs, families are faced with having to deal with accumulated paper and belongings, and settling of estates which leads to the overwhelm of what to do with it all. Sometimes all that is needed is some gentle guidance to help prioritize the tasks at hand.

Kick Start Purge

Duration varies
$160 per bankers box

Don’t have time to go through all your accumulated paper and mail or decide what to do with it? One bankers box can hold 3,000 decisions. Let me help you get through it so you can get started on your organizational journey sooner, or be one step closer to downsizing.

Photo organization

Duration varies
Price varies

With a degree in photography and years of experience as a Creative Memories consultant, I have the knowledge to assist in photo and memorabilia organization. I believe that preserving family history and especially military history is so important for future generations. I specialize in helping seniors who may have boxes of printed photos mixed with memorabilia and documents to sort and organize according to specific goals. Nothing fancy, just making sure these items are orderly and available to be passed down.  Or for large collections, I can assist with referrals to professional photo managers.

Color Refresh and Feng Shui Consultation

Duration varies
Price varies

Now that you have your paper organized and can see your space, how about a color refresh? With a custom paint color consultation, some simple redecorating, and infusion of Feng Shui principles, you can give your space new life. Schedule your call now to discuss different options!

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