The Story Behind The Name

I learned how to be “squared away” during my 20 years in the Air Force. Being a leader and manager in many different office settings allowed me to refine my organizational skills with paper and managing projects. My various positions in the public affairs career field and experience as an executive officer for commanders, taught me how to be accountable and productive so I could meet deadlines.

After retiring from the Air Force and becoming a full-time mom of twins, my life was continually changing and I had to keep up. Raising twins requires its own organizational structure. When I discovered the Sunday Basket® system in 2021, our family was changing once again as our kids were becoming young adults getting ready to go to college, and my husband and I were looking ahead to becoming empty nesters very soon. But, I needed a way to get our house organized and my paper piles under control as we were facing this next stage of life. Another challenge I faced at the same time, was becoming part of the sandwich generation as my parents needed assistance in transitioning to a senior community that would meet their needs. This is how my business was born.

Becoming a Sunday Basket® Workshop Certified Organizer became the answer to getting my paper and house organized. Teaching others how to get squared away with their paper and become more productive became my passion.

My current certifications as a Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™, and Certified Organizational Specialist with Clutterbug, round out the skills I now bring to my clients. I am continually learning new things and staying up to date with training.  I am excited to share my systems and a whole lot more with you!

Professional Organizer serving Los Angeles County and beyond via virtual meetings